Texas Spring Session


What are the best photo sessions for Spring?

Spring has almost sprung! Officially the first day of spring is in a few weeks, but the sunshine and beautiful weather are making it feel like it’s already here. As you’re getting ready to spend more time outside, you may already be thinking about what a perfect backdrop those flowers will be for photos. And you’re right! Spring is one of the best times for outdoor photography. And some of the best photo sessions for spring? Let’s find out:


Some of the best locations for senior portraits are outside. (Think parks, outdoor urban, downtown garages, the sports field, or posing with your new car.) And, since graduation is just around the corner, spring is the perfect time to get those shots! If you’ve planned ahead and booked early, you can get your senior pictures at the most beautiful time of the year.


Spring represents new life and fresh starts. What better time for maternity photos? Obviously, whether you get to do your maternity pictures in the springtime depends on where you’re at in your pregnancy. (Maternity sessions are best done between 31 and 36 weeks, and it’s important to book early.) But if the stars align, don’t miss the chance for an outdoor maternity photo session against the lush green backdrop of a Texas spring!


Some of the best photo sessions for spring include the whole family! Whether you’re wanting to do your spring photoshoot on your own property or at one of the many gorgeous public locations in the Houston area, the sunny weather and mild temperatures are sure to make your family photoshoot a great experience.

Although the best photo sessions for spring include those that can be done outdoors, there are tons of other options too! At home lifestyle or studio photography are both ideal for a spring baby. These are your forever memories, and I feel so blessed to share this special season of life with you and your family.

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